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Mass Effect 3 Demo Delayed for PlayStation 3 - PAL Region Only

BioWare has today confirmed a delay in the release of the demo version of the highly anticipated Mass Effect 3. Launching on Xbox 360 and PC today, and originally intended for a simultaneous release on PlayStation 3, gamers waiting to download the demo from the PlayStation Network will have to wait a little longer. (Mass Effect 3, PS3)

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Stryfeno2  +   878d ago
meh...I got it on 360.
fluffydelusions  +   878d ago
I'll just get PC version I guess. Is this origin only?
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NYC_Gamer  +   878d ago
you will have to download origin regardless if you buy the game digital or retail.

no announcement of timed exclusive dlc yet.
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fluffydelusions  +   878d ago
Bah origin! I hate it. I already have it for BF3 and SWTOR but it's annoying software. Seems every update it forgets my password and always asks me for it. What's the deal with DLC with ME3 anyway. Please tell me no timed exclusive on 360?
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ginsunuva  +   878d ago
Where do I get the pc demo?
NYC_Gamer  +   878d ago

10 am pst on origin
gaffyh  +   878d ago | Well said
How is this a delay? The European store wouldn't have got the demo today anyway seen as it only updates on Wednesdays, so it's NOT a delay at all.
da_2pacalypse  +   878d ago
Warning, this game is extremely dumbed down. The demo led me to cancel my pre-order due to the fact that the dialogue is nothing like the average Bioware game.

Shepard mostly speaks for himself now, and the player barely has any inputs of what to say in certain situations... this really ruined my day.
BlindGuardian  +   878d ago

calm down US people
darkride66  +   878d ago
I guess I should get around to playing ME2 someday. Suppose I can pick it up cheap now. I just didn't like the pacing of the Bioware games for a period there. KOTOR, Jade Empire - I don't need everyone I speak to launching into their entire life story. I reluctantly picked up Dragon Age based on a friend's advice and found it was much more like the Bioware I knew of old. I understand most consider ME2 to be Bioware's best game, I just haven't been in a rush to try it. The good thing is that not only will ME2 be cheap now, by the time I get around to ME3 it'll probably be cheap as well. In the meantime, Skyrim keeps calling me back. :)
Diver  +   878d ago
oh there's no attempt to paint the ps3 and sony in a bad light. your imagining that crap. its just for the hits - sure pal keep telling yourself that
tawak  +   878d ago
i dont mind giving it exclusively to xbox 360.
atleast they have some exclusive for now.
well, sorta.. "exclusive timed DEMO"
MAJ0R  +   878d ago
First Dragon Age now Mass Effect? Bioware what has happened to you...
Aloren  +   878d ago
@da_2pacalypse look at the leaked beta. There are no dialogues in the demo because they took them out. You're supposed to talk with the Salarian guy you meet when you land, you're also supposed to talk with Kirrahe and Mordin.
ProjectSiK  +   878d ago
I can't wait to see how many don't actually READ the article and base their comments on the title alone.
DA_SHREDDER  +   878d ago
I believe you stry. I also believe third party games are all your 360 can do. Now time to play some Twisted Metal, something you'll never play on your 360 even if Jaffe switches sides. muahahaha
Rhythmattic  +   878d ago

1 Bub.... wonder why?
OllieBoy  +   878d ago
It's only delayed for PAL store tomorrow. It's still going up today for the US store.

The article should clarify this, considering the US store updates today.
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TheHater  +   878d ago
hits hits hits hits hits hits

The European Store doesn't even update until tomorrow. So how exactly is this a delay?
C_Menz  +   878d ago
It isn't but people love to hate on Sony so websites like this will try and draw crowds in with titles like this.
BigBoss1964  +   878d ago
So it's delayed in europe until tomorrow? The store doesn't update until tomorrow anyway lol good thing I have a US account
kratos17  +   878d ago
Wow, what a pitiful way to get a few meager hits. Lol gaming journalism
tigertron  +   878d ago
Its a pain in the arse that the EU store doesn't update until tomorrow. They should do a world wide update at the same time...

Well, I couldn't wait any longer so I'm currently downloading the 360 demo. I'll download both the campaign and multiplayer demos for the PS3 later on in the week, but right now I'm desperate to play some ME3.
tigertron  +   878d ago
Sorry I meant just the one demo.

Anyways, the demo is EPIC. I loved every minute of it and the soundtrack is by far the best of the series. It was so awesome to see my Shepard this time instead of the defaults. I had to make a few tweaks because Bioware added some more variations.

I'll be downloading the PS3 version tomorrow.
vuzuki  +   878d ago
Just wow. You can't do a better piece of s*** news than that.
ninjagoat  +   878d ago
Ain't a delay :/ its normal time frame on today usa tomorrow uk pal release. If anyone in the uk (myself) is interested that much just fire up there usa account and download it later.

Can't see why theres always some idiot makes these articles. Maybe if thy did a bit of research before posting there stuff lol.
banana420  +   878d ago
Its not delayed ? :/ PS EU updates a day after US.
lorianguy  +   878d ago
Unfortunately this seems to be becoming the new "standard" of gaming "journalism".

Anything for a few hits, eh?
FrightfulActions  +   878d ago
In all fairness, it is a Europe website. It isn't American. Their PS store doesn't update till tomorrow, in comparison to America, so this isn't a big surprise but it's still relevant to UK gamers.
DarthJay  +   878d ago
Downloaded on Xbox Live at 5:45AM.

Edit: EST.
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ZippyZapper  +   878d ago
I already played through it 4 times :)
peeps  +   878d ago
what a sensational headline for it being delayed...until tomorrow...when the EU store gets it's weekly update
Play2Win  +   878d ago
And now the world goes down :-) omg
SnowBlu  +   878d ago
oh well
jay2  +   878d ago
What a load of poo!
krisq  +   878d ago
I'm sorry but this electronic theatre should do some research before posting bs. How is this a delay exactly??? European store always updates on wednesdays.
JellyJelly  +   878d ago
Downloading it on my 360 as we speak!
pwnmaster3000  +   878d ago
Nope I am not gonna download this.
I already know im going to buy it, so im not going to spoil my self.
I have not watched any of the first #min at all.
So I cant wait.
CC-Tron  +   878d ago
I enjoyed the demo multiple times on my 360.
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ziggurcat  +   878d ago
why does it not surprise me that bioware's managed to **** up the PS3 version... they haven't done anything right on PS3 at all (which, for myself, has resulted in a complete loss of confidence and support), having ****ed up both dragon age titles and ME2.

i've been saying this for years now - they should stop making games for PS3 because they clearly don't know what they're doing.
pwnmaster3000  +   878d ago
What are you talking about. Me2 for the ps3 was great. Yeah a few bugs but it was still fun ass hell. I think I played it 3 times and about to replay it to make a infiltrator class.
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ziggurcat  +   878d ago
it should be noted that i have at least tried to give bioware a chance, but they've failed every time.

first, dragon age (a game which i played 4 times over and got the platinum trophy): frame rate - an issue that people reported since virtually the launch of the game and they never even tried to fix it. it was annoying walking around and having the screen freeze for about half a second every 3 or 4 seconds throughout the *entire* game (including the opening cutscene). then there's the clipping, the broken quests, the quest markers that wouldn't go away despite having completed them... and i noticed in the final cutscene that the resolution had dropped to sub-HD (pixel sizes up to quarter of an inch square). all pretty minor in the grand scheme of things, but they contributed to the overall crappiness of the title.

dragon age II: well, that game was awful on all systems, but i tried the demo, was horribly disappointed to see terrible graphics, yet another awful drop in image resolution during a cutscene and more frame rate issues (the same as the first dragon age, so they didn't even bother to figure out that one prior to releasing the sequel).

ME2: with at least an extra year developing the game for PS3 (on an updated engine, to boot), it should have been visually on par with the X360 version. textures were missing, lighting was way off, some characters weren't even the same... didn't play the full game myself, but i've heard accounts from friends of mine who have played it that it was just a god awful mess. save files disappearing, crashes left, right and centre... and one reported issue a friend of mine found where he just checked his message inbox while playing the game and when he returned to gameplay, all of the colours in the game had somehow gotten polarized.

i may try the ME3 demo for X360 and PS3 since i have them both, but i'm not confident that they have improved their PS3 skills.
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pwnmaster3000  +   878d ago
Idk about dragon age sinse I never played it, but either your friend is lying or he got a buggy version.
Because I didnt experience any of it and the characters to me look just as good as the 360 version and the enviroment looks just as good to. I played it 3 times with different classes and it never crashed, never lost a save data or never had my color disappear.
I only saw one bug and it was in the 360 version to.
So idk what version your friend played but mine was good.


Also look at the link. You will see they look identical
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Silly gameAr  +   878d ago
The funny part about this is that people are actually bragging about downloading a demo.
Kran  +   878d ago
Aren't most demos on PAL released on a wednesday anyway for the PS3? ..... not news then is it?
Kthalas  +   877d ago
The Demo is up on the PSN now. Played it on the 360 and going to check out the PS3 version. Great demo!

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