Why Can't Videogames Do Sex? - Eurogamer

EG: "If you only play one game today, make it Sepe's Cumshot. In this you control a disembodied hand and stimulate the penis of a man called Sepe. The poor thing starts off limp, but stroke it a little and see what happens. As you work it more furiously, Sepe's cock engorges with blood, and his body hulks up. He's loving it! You can finish him off yourself."

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bwazy2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

Edit: Realized that the only people whom would want to do sex in video games are most likely the ppl not getting any. Creepy as hell preview btw.

DanSolo2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

I agree mate.... that preview is one of the weirdest and creepiest things I have read here on N4G... and that is saying something!

Some people have some weird need to push their own weirdness on to other people, I have no idea why... but I see NO reason why sex is needed in a computer game, particularly not some freaky-ass mini game...

Maybe in some story driven games a sex scene has a place if it is done to drive the story and not just done for the sake of gratuitous kicks.

There really is NO need for porn in games... there is loads of free porn on the internet for when a wank is imminent!

People need to stop dragging everything down to some sleazy level.... it's bad enough that more people watch "Reality TV" on the television then something worthwhile like a documentary or some shit like that!

EDIT: I gave you a bubble mate as I'm sure on here the nut-jobs will be vehemently trying to steal one of your last 2.... seeing as you said something sensible!

Adityac2413d ago

Well Said, you just got bubbled up.

Berserk2413d ago

Once again a stupid and pointless article... But then again if there weren't at least one, once a day it wouldn't be N4G.

Saryk2413d ago

There is only one movie that I can actually say that sex was needed and that is Basic Instinct. There is no reason to have sex in games.Nudity on the other hand is ok...........

Captain Qwark 92413d ago

yeah idk man, i love sex, porn, nudity, all that. however im not sure i have ever played anything or can think of anytime it would be needed in a game. also not too crazy about 3d characters getting it on. although it does give me a good laugh to bang my party members in bioware games.

GraveLord2413d ago

Because kids play games. Even Rated-M games.
Having sex mini-games is extremely risky and it there's no point to include one.

Plus, a game that lets you have sex would be Rated AO therefore not sold in stores.

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