New Rainbow Six Vegas 2 teaser trailer, screens and interview

Drop in on Rainbow Six Vegas 2 with this teaser trailer.

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Sevir043590d ago

didn't really like the first one on either the 360 or PC and i skipped the PS3 version so it's a safe bid that i'll skip this one as well

picker3323590d ago

That i hate about rbsv is that,is too blurry,i don't know if it's my tv,but its too damn blurry!!!!
My eye's are burning!!!
Someone knows how to fix that maby?

BloodySinner3590d ago

You must be using an SDTV.

okcomputer3590d ago

RSV never looks blurry to me either. It's got to be your tv.

Bazookajoe_833590d ago

I had my ps3 on 1080p and my tv supports it and the game will run it, but it will look blury as hell. Set youre ps3 (Dont know about 360) to run it in 720p and it will look good. I think it will look ok if u run it on a sdtv, but it looks best on 720p.

So as i said it can run in 1080 but it will look worse than on a sdtv..

xaphanze3590d ago

I had read one IGN that the game looks blurry on 1080i.Set your tv to 720p and it should look good.I dont know about SD tvs though =/.

TheIneffableBob3590d ago

You can turn off the blur filter by editing the .INI files in the PC version. The blur filter is there apparently to help get rid of aliasing, as the way UE3 is built, anti-aliasing cannot be done in DX9 with deferred lighting.

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MK_Red3590d ago

Uber nice find and story. Cool teaser and awesome screens. Too lazy to check the interview ;)

OOG FunK3590d ago

cant wait to play this...its all about the multiplayer in these games...which is extremly fun...ah well cant wait

DaddyDC6503590d ago

the Official Xbox Magazine. Isn't it against rules to post pix from mags??? Btw, game looks nice.

TnS3590d ago

Images are from GameSpot.

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The story is too old to be commented.