HTC PlayStation certification devices coming 2012.

Pocket-lint reports: HTC is to be one of the first companies outside Sony that will be getting PlayStation certification for its mobile devices, sources have confirmed to Pocket-lint.

The announcement expected later this year, possibly at the forthcoming trade show Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, will mean that HTC smartphone and tablet owners will eventually be able to play Sony PlayStation certified games, such as Crash Bandicoot and other classic PSOne titles.

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fluffydelusions2416d ago

Cool but I'd rather just buy a Vita to play them.

dredgewalker2416d ago

Or even a good old psp :)

Chrono2416d ago

"our source suggests"

So it's just a rumor.

joeorc2416d ago

I doubt this is a rumor.

already the Playstation Suite is going on the NVIDIA Tegra 2 an higher chipset. for example press release by Nvidia on their Tegra zone.


why do they keep saying it's only for PS1 games?

the Playstation Suite is more than just PS1 games


“It expands the PlayStation experience beyond the PSP border. It is the first cross-platform endeavour,” said Kaz Hirai, then Sony Computer Entertainment CEO and soon to be president and CEO of the whole of the Sony corporation."

if this is just for PS1 games why is there PSP an Even PS3 digital download games also being released including PS2 games on their way?

need proof..well here you go

Pinball Heroes is a PSP game, flow is a PS3 an PSP game,syphone filter-Dark Mirror a PSP game, Daxter yet another PSP game. So no the Playstation Suite its not just for PS1 games only!

kma2k2416d ago

im just excited for new phones. I got $200 in best buy gift cards for christmas just waiting for new phones to come out. Bring em on!