Burnout Paradise VS Real Life Crashes

Way back in December 2006 Alex Ward, director of design for Burnout Paradise, said "If you don't believe the crash is real, then it's not going to frighten you."

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MK_Red3745d ago

Nice video, awesome crashes but still, miles away from total realism.

Edwin19893745d ago

the only problem is that those crashes are pre-defined (scripted), but a lot of those crashes are looking pretty similar in animations.

It still looks like a game because of the textures (looks pretty "game-ish, or cartoonish") If they implement these crash models in Gran Turismo 5 I think it's damn close to reality!

Forgranted3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

I'm actually very amused when my car crashes in the Burnout demo. So I guess they are not real enough ;P

Mikey_Gee3745d ago

I love the Demo and will buy this game day one.


Brainiac 83745d ago

I really am having a blast with this game, and can't wait till the full game is released.

MK_Red3745d ago

Agreed. It's insanely fun and it's what Burnout means :)

3745d ago
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