Singapore First To Get PS Vita in South east Asia

PlayStation Asia recently announced that Singapore will be getting their hands on the device in conjunction with the official launch event - which will be held on the 22nd of February.

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Cloudberry2473d ago

Or "Selamat", as in Malay's language.

GribbleGrunger2473d ago (Edited 2473d ago )

google is your friend :)

r212473d ago

No it isnt. My country already has vitas, imported from Japan though.

dredgewalker2473d ago

Yeah it's been out here for weeks too.

Mikhail2473d ago

Here in the Philippines, the gray market is already selling the Japan overprice though.

dredgewalker2473d ago

Yup it's also been out there for weeks.....grabe lang ang patong sa presyo :P

Mikhail2472d ago

Since Singapore will have it, I expect the price to come down after a month or so. It should be priced the same as the Ps3....dapat 12000 pesos lang.