Four annoying things about modern shooters

Stephen Matthews of writes: 2011 was a great year for shooters, but some of the best are making the same mistakes. Here's the list of four things that annoy him about modern shooters.

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MoreRPG2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

"tons of week enemies"
why Call of Duty isn't there?

i agree with the ammo thing

Kyosuke_Sanada2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

The force of Playstation hate is strong in this one......

I still don't get how Killzone 3 even got mentioned for having tons of weak enemies when the A.I on that game were several cuts higher than the ones on Battlefield 3....

lorianguy2494d ago

I agree. My playstation-hating senses were tingling.

pcorsaro2494d ago

I don't think he hates the PS3. He even says in the last paragraph that he likes all of the games, he's just focusing on the 10% of the games that annoyed him.

Kyosuke_Sanada2494d ago

You are probably right, it's just that I could have thought of several more guilty parties of the problems than the games listed.

Psychotica2494d ago

Only four, I could go on all day long. I am mainly referring to my top 4 in BF3 here:

1. Only given 1 or 2 grenades, should be 6 or 7 and be a lot more powerful.
2. Two people shoot each other, one dies the other walks away as if nothing happened. Sure they have low health but they still function like full health.
3. No where near bloody enough, should see limbs blown off and just plain mangled
4. Aerial vehicles are allowed to dominate a battlefield without providing proper ways to counter them.

scrambles2494d ago

I miss CoD WaW's limbs exploding but they probably had to get rid of that to be more kid friendly.

Hufandpuf2494d ago

Play bf2 where everyone gets 4 grenades from the start. Spam-fest.

mayberry2494d ago

The writers first gripe "Problem #1: Too much ammo" Then mentions killzone 3's ammo boxes that are too close. I think he must not be able to stay alive very long, mainly because I used to think that too whenI was a noob. Now it's very common for me to run out. And when I do go looking for ammo, chances are its a converted box for the enemy! I've been playing as a sniper lately, so I cannot repair them, but I blow the sheet out of them though! :) His 2nd point, "Problem #2: Laughably Evil Antagonists", I can agree with. His 3rd point, Problem #3: Tons of weak enemies", UMMM...... Not anywhere near the killzone titles dude! He needs to chill on the killzone hate! IMHO!

r212494d ago

yeah gotta agree with the ammo part. having ammo crates in killzone 3 made the game too easy. none the less, a fun fps though.

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