Twisted Metal Apparently Selling Out At Retail

Eat Sleep Play’s first Twisted Metal edition for Sony’s third generation console officially goes on sale today in North America and it already seems to be a hit.

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sinncross2494d ago

Wow, hopefully it brings in good numbers.

Snookies122494d ago

Yeah, it's just too bad he won't be doing another one... :\

Maybe if this is super successful Jaffe will consider a TM2.

NYC_Gamer2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

Jaffe wants to create his own experience but lacks the proper funding.he'll prob try to find some way to get his ideas into production.

clank5432494d ago

^He should just use Double Fine's method of asking for money. He's a pretty big name and I'm sure he would get it.

LOGICWINS2494d ago

So a random person tweets that TM is selling out...with no evidence, and an article is written about it? LOL, journalism these days is down the tubes.

lorianguy2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

The tweet even says "apparently". Anyone could have said that!

How on earth did some guy's random tweet get approved?!

I mean I really do hope it does well, but you can't trust a random guy on the internet for sales performance.

LightofDarkness2494d ago

That's how it works these days. Watch:

"Democrats cause CANCER?"

See, the question mark makes it OK for me to say that, because I'm not saying it's DEFINITELY true, I'm just "asking questions" and "opening up a discussion." Also, because I say I'm a journalist and post it on my news thingy, that totally makes it news!

True story.

killerhog2494d ago

Oh, so something like;

Republicans cause all the wars , poverty, and hate towards Americans (U.S)?

vickers5002494d ago

*sniff* *sniff*

It smells like fox news in here.

-Alpha2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

Yeah, Jaffe retweeted it, which is why I guess it's here.

I don't doubt that it sold out in some stores, I'm hearing from some GameStop employees that they ran out of preorders, but that doesn't mean the sales high, just that it's breaking expectations that may have been set low.

I really wish for it to succeed, too bad Sony couldn't have thrown a TV ad behind this.

YogiBear2494d ago

Why would expectations be low? It's Twisted Metal.

DiRtY2494d ago

this will sell less than most blockbster games in the past years (CoD, Halo, Gears, Uncharted etc). So IF it really sells out, it must be due to very, and mean VERY VERY, bad distribution by Sony.

Zechs342494d ago

Because we all know there's no such thing as sleeper hits... (especially considering the rand recognition Twisted Metal carries)

DiRtY2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

Sleeper hit with brand recognition and sold out on release date? Isn't the definition of a sleeper hit something totally different?

sleeper hit = No brand recognition but high sales due to word of mouth

*edit* for the disagrees Who honestly thinks that Twisted Metal will outsell one of the games I mentioned above?

vickers5002494d ago


Nobody. They're disagreeing with you because of your overall negative opinion on the game not being able to sell well.

Outside_ofthe_Box2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

"sleeper hit = No brand recognition but high sales due to word of mouth"

No a sleeper hit = unexpected achiever of success.

A sleeper hit is something that is predicted not to sell/do well, but in the end it exceeds expectations, hence your disagrees.

RememberThe3572494d ago

Why did you even bother to post this? There isn't a person here who thinks this game will sell anything close to the games you mention. And how can't you know that if it does sell out it would be due to bad distribution by Sony? Your making all these assumptions and mental leaps and then you wonder why people are disagreeing with you. Are you high?

ginsunuva2494d ago


Outside_ofthe_Box2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

You do know that games are expensive and that people can't just shell out $60 for every game that comes out right?

People have to buy a game that they like. No matter how great a particular game maybe, there is no game that is for EVERYONE. People have to buy what appeals to them at the end of the day. I do hope TM sells well though.

PixL2494d ago

I don't like the game so I won't buy it but I hope it does well as many people find it to be fun.

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