IGN: The War on Used Game

IGN: Games publishers are using online passes to take money away from gamers and retailers. How can this be right?

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Legionaire20052435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

The Sh#t hits the fan and go split. This is not gonna end well. Expect live controversy when the next Xbox hit, if it dare has this feature to block used games.

a_squirrel2435d ago

"Games publishers are using online passes to take money away from gamers and retailers"

I don't think it takes money away from retailers. Besides, trade in value is stupidly low. BF3 trade in value I think is $16 at EB Gamers (Canada) and then you buy it used for $10 or $20 less than retail.
$60 - 20 = $40 - $16 = $24 to $34 profit

It's ridiculous how much money retailers make off used games.

Brownghost2434d ago

its called making a profit

SilentNegotiator2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

If someone wants to unload a game quickly and get a new one, they can go to Gamestop.

If they want the maximum they can get, they take off the nonexistent "Forced to sell at Gamestop" magnet on their backs, stop complaining on internet forums about how little they give, and sell it online or something.

wallis2434d ago

yeah but for some reason the games industry thinks it can pick and choose the parts of internet culture it likes. They have a virtual product and the internet has resulted in more and more downloadable titles that nullify the cost of printing and distribution. This is great and they will take advantage of this to make them money. Suddenly we don't own our games any more, we're renting them.

But in a world with virtual products...why does EA exist? The whole reason publishers in any medium exist is so that if you're some author with ten bucks and a manuscript you can let the publisher act as a risk pooling method that means you can still have a chance at success while minimizing your risk. But in a world where everything is online doesn't that seem questionable to you?

What's more games aren't like books. Publishers still act as a sort of quality control for books because ANYONE can write. But not anyone can program, model, write and animate. So if the inherent process of game design ensures SOME level of quality, or at least ensures we're not bogged down by literally millions of useless entries, then don't publishers become completely redundant?

One last tidbit of info - the average wage of a games programmer is 80,000 USD. But of course used game sales and piracy are killing the games industry. That's why all these companies like THQ are closing. It's nothing to do with being mismanaged piles of crap that won't stop pumping out the same glossy brown grey pieces of linear tripe we keep spitting back at them.

mkgt212434d ago


over 200% profit margin is a bit extreme.
Gamestop is making a killing off used games.

most retailers operate on 30-70% margins not 200. if they gave even 5% to developers this would be less of a problem.

Honestly though, the new consoles are just going to go the way of the computer and get rid of used games all together. Which is too bad, if gamestop and others were willing to compromise and cut developers in on used sales, then they would still be in business ten years from now.

egidem2434d ago

Yes, but there's more to it. Imagine a game that's been owned/sold/bought multiple times and GameStop was the middle man. They make a lot of money off a single copy of the game multiple times while devs get the money only once.

LightofDarkness2434d ago

You mean like every other product in existence? How awful for them.


SilentNegotiator2434d ago

At $60 a pop, I won't buy a new copy of a game that publishers think they still own after I purchase it.

They pretend like used copies are "invading" their multiplayer servers when it's still just ONE copy of the game.

dillydadally2434d ago

"They make a lot of money off a single copy of the game multiple times while PUBLISHERS get the money only once."

There, I fixed it. Biggest myth in the games industry is that by buying a used game, we're taking money out of the developer's hands. The developers who worked and slaved and designed that game you love don't make royalties except in very rare circumstances. They're paid to make the game and then the profits from sales go to the publishers. Your money is going to EA and Activision, not the developer. Read this:

dazzrazz2434d ago

And in all that the only people who get raped at the end are still gamers

Darkspade2434d ago

The Thing is people that Buy Used Games, Normally don't even look at the new stuff... They are so many Half-A$$ $60 games out there it scares people away.. I would like to see maybe the Dev's pulll 2-5% of the Used games sells .. Gamestop would then only make 80% Profit and not 100% profit.. I think the Dev's are Attacking the Consumers when they should be more focused on the retailers

stevenhiggster2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

Totally agree, this has been brought about by greed from retailers not devs (not that they are totally innocent mind).
GAME in particular selling used copies of new games, on the same shelf right next to the new copies. Now fair enough to any gamers looking to save a few pence but shame on GAME, that really shouldn't be allowed.
Used games should at least have to be kept well away from new copies.
I wish the retailers and devs/publishers had sorted out a deal and saved us all from ridiculous online passes and now the threat of consoles that can't play used games.

Montrealien2434d ago

Used games have been a part of gaming Culture since the dawns of home consoles, and always will be. Deal with it. What it next, no used Blu-rays? riight.

dalibor2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

While I agree and hope that it doesn't go away, as I myself used to buy a lot of used games when I was younger but now that I actually make money I buy almost new games all the time even though games can be polished a lot better with more content added, what were to happen if the trend for gaming goes more towards online purchases only? It's already happening, not on a massive scale but it is non the less going towards that route. There needs to be a medium of some sort to make everybody happy the retailers, developers and more importantly us. I have gotten Resistance 3, Uncharted 3 and now Twisted Metal brand new, I guess I'm the bad guy eh?

Pl4sm42434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

no used consoles .... lol this is gonna end bad if it goes trough

oh and online passes are just the devs making extra money they dont deserve .... they got the money for it ... let it go .....
and congress is the one who has to put a ban on online passes buuuuuuuuuuuut they want gaming banned all together so we as gamers have to stand up against this alone

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