Team Ninja's 'new team' want to "give meaning to violence"

Yosuke Hayashi has been leading Team Ninja for the last three years and he doesn't want it following in those same footsteps. "Sex and violence," was what it used to be.

The studio is busy with Ninja Gaiden 3 and Dead or Alive 5. The new team want to "take it to a new level" that contains "emotional experiences" for players. Want to avoid cheap thrills.

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Frankfurt2496d ago

Yeah, by forcing you to kill an unarmed enemy that has given up fighting and is begging for his life while mentioning his kids and wife.

And making enemies crawl away from you in fear, when in NG2 they would crawl without legs towards you, trying to kill you still.

This game is ridiculous. They even removed de-limbing, which was one of the smartest gameplay-affecting decisions in any action game.

NYC_Gamer2496d ago

well,the new team just ruined NG.

DA_SHREDDER2496d ago

Yeah, also I don't like how you have to slice enemies 20 times before they die. 1 slash of the sword is all you should need to decapitate any mortal being. That's why bushido blade was so awesome.

Also, the stealth in Ng3 is almost as bad as Uncharted's stealth. Totally redundant if you ask me. I miss the tenchu days. I hope the ps4 has backwards compatibility so I can replay those old ps2 and ps1 tenchu games.

LightofDarkness2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

Why? That's NOT Ninja Gaiden! Why are you deliberately going against the series' direction AND what the fans want to see? Where is the logic in this?

"It looks like X is what the fans want and it's really working! So we're going to go with Y instead, because heroin."

If you want to make "emotional" experiences, fine, go make another game. But why call it NG? Could it be that you want to hijack the popularity of the brand to further your own selfish vision and ego?