Duke Nukem Forever Teaser Debuts on Shacknews

Following yesterday's screenshot release, Shacknews is pleased to premiere the first new Duke Nukem Forever teaser trailer in over six years. According to George Broussard of developer 3D Realms, the approximately minute-long video was originally created internally for the purpose of holiday festivities and marks the beginning of further media unveilings surrounding the notoriously long-in-development first- person shooter.

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DiLeCtioN3531d ago

he looks so cool man bring him to consoles please

JsonHenry3531d ago

I think I just sh!t my pants.

gEnKiE3531d ago

OMG!.... I thought this was a joke. Now that I see it, I'm so excited for this game. Please don't make it bad...PLEASE!!!

ry-guy3531d ago

This just got knocked to the top of my 'must have list' right in front of Ghostbusters.

I hope they are serious. This could be the biggest Non-April Fool's joke the internet has seen if they're just pulling our legs but God I hope not.

Timesplitter143531d ago

The Duke Nukem theme is way too hardcore for normal humans!!! I feel ashamed of my inferiority when I hear it!

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Relcom3531d ago

I'm at a loss for words right now...

Bad ass

Chris_GTR13531d ago

working out and smoking at the same time? ...only in video games.

MK_Red3531d ago

It's no video game. It's the real Duke we're talking and it's more than easy for him. Duke is real and he can do anything because he is THE king.

omfg_1113531d ago

Duke Nukem CAN touch Chuck Norris!