PS Vita: Should You Buy One?

Play Mag: It’s not cheap. It’s not something you can just find the money lying down the back of the sofa for. Unless you have a massive sofa and a proclivity for dropping large bank notes down the back of it. You’re looking, realistically, at £200-300, depending on the unit you buy, where you buy it from and what you buy with it.

But Sony, in recent days, has been revealing its hand. The company has been showing that, while memory cards are still stupidly expensive and games cost Normal Game prices, you’re not going to be left out should you have a bit less moolah.

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Rowland2494d ago

no. there's a recession on.

Chaostar2494d ago

Yeah everyone stay indoors, lock up your daughters, batten down the hatches and, whatever you do, DON'T BUY ANYTHING!

That's sure to help the economy right?

Rowland2494d ago

you can buy food & condoms.

firefoxprime2494d ago

If you want to...go for it. I'd probably have more respect for you than if you were gaming on an idevice...

Hisiru2494d ago

Don't buy a 3DS or Vita for the features, but for the games.

If you want vita games, buy a Vita; if you want 3DS games, buy a 3DS; if you want both and you have the money, buy both.

nix2494d ago

i've got Xperia Play... and i still haven't bothered to download free games from EA (NFS, Battlefield etc..). i however am trying to finish Crash Bandicoot that came with the game. i never bothered to pick up PSP even though i enjoyed playing GOW on it.

i want to buy it... but i think i'll wait on this one.

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Colwyn2494d ago

I'm not buying one at all, I'm buying two

danny8182493d ago

lol mee too but not for me... one for me and one for my niece

guitar_nerd_232494d ago

Doesn't that mean you should to stimulate the econemy? :-P

specialguest2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

Seriously, with the cost of those overpriced memory cards, I'm looking to spend nearly $300(6.25% Texas sales tax) for a PS Vita(wifi) w/4gb memcard. 4-8gb are useless since I plan to dl many games. Buying the Vita(wifi) w/32gb memcard will equal $421 with sales tax included.

No day-1 purchase for me. I'll have to put away a separate savings for this.

specialguest2494d ago

For a Vita w/32gb memcard will cost me $371 with sales tax.

jetlian2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

does amazon tax texas? if not get it there for 350. Indiana is 7 percent tax funny how texas is less. Chicago is worse 10 percent

I was getting one till my sister stopped our deal. Need about 150 more bucks just to get the system. Good thing is by the time I get the money uncharted will be down and same with shinobido

Spinal2494d ago

Hmm.. I'm waiting to see a price drop and further more I want more interesting games. I'm not into Uncharted so I want a God of War or a Call of Duty game on the go would be awesome. Tho I don't play COD at home, im a BF3 kinda guy on my PC.

Does anyone know if the Vita can play PS2 games or PSP games that are on the PSN NEtwork if this is confirmed then i'll buy this device for certain.

Waddy1012494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

It can play PSP games that are on the PSN store from the get-go and PS2 classics support is going to be patched in in the future.

Also there will more than likely not be a price drop for at least a year because Sony, unlike Nintendo, are selling for a small profit on each device rather than the big profit that Nintendo was selling for which enabled them to drop the price and still make a profit.

Spinal2494d ago

@waddy, thanks for the info. I think i will get a vita at some point soon cause i wanted to have a dedicated portable an was goin to go with the 3ds but not enough games of interest on that platorm.

Outside_ofthe_Box2494d ago

I have no idea why people want that UC game on the vita. It isn't even developed by ND.

PC_Enthusiast 2494d ago

Waddy101 it will only cost sony 169.99 to make the psvita they would still make a profit even if they lower the price to 199.99 just so you know :)

Waddy1012493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

@I_OWN_YOU Whilst Sony stand to make a profit on each individual Vita sold which is something like $10-20 they won't break even until they recover some of the losses they made from developing the Vita.
Once that happens and sales start to slow down a lot i can see them dropping the price by $30 or even $50.
Also that figure is wrong as Shuhei Yoshida pointed out that figure is based on someone's estimates of what the hardware inside the Vita costs the company to buy, not what they actually paid/pay.

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ginsunuva2494d ago

Yup it's a recession. That means we're all doing poorly. Regardless of whether or not we are actually doing well, we are all now in bad state.

I bet if the media just kept saying " the economy is doing better than it has in the past 50 years!" then people would actually think they're fine.

This whole economy stuff acts as a placebo.

farhad2k82494d ago

Simple answer: If you have the money, then YES.
It's a BEAST of a device. Best looking graphics on a handheld to date!

specialguest2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

Disregard this post.

smashcrashbash2494d ago

Yeah, it is amazing how the recession is only on when we talk about the VITA but not when we talk about the next Apple over priced product.

BubloZX2493d ago

I'd buy the vita with a 32gig memory card over a a $600 ipad or $500 iPhone

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Deeloc2494d ago Show
teedogg802494d ago

Me too. The wait is almost over.

gamingisnotacrime2494d ago

Man is hard to wait
I wish they would sell it by todays afternoon
Is nerve recking lol

LightofDarkness2494d ago

I will, but I suppose it's down to whether or not you'll use it. It apparently offers experiences quite similar to fully fledged console titles, so that's a good reason to buy one. I know I'll play it during long trips and such, I'd love to be able to play something like Resistance or Bioshock while I'm bored to tears in an airport lounge.

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