European PS Vita TV Ad Campaign Revealed

Sony has put up the advert that will be shown in Europe to bring awareness of the PlayStation Vita, which launches February 22nd. The tag line for the campaign is The World Is In Play.

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lugia 40002498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

Finally, some ads to get the attention.

Although its just an "epic" ad, it doesnt show any features...

Septic2498d ago

All Sony have to do is show Uncharted running on the Vita and text at the bottom saying:


farhad2k82498d ago

It's such an EPIC, manly ad!
Unlike the 3DS kid-ish ads.
I'm happy with Sony for once!

Lior2498d ago

What are they selling? This has nothing to do with the product and I do marketing it's really pointless again Sony and Im a ps3 fan

GribbleGrunger2498d ago

yep, Sony went and did it again! when will they ever learn. absolutely terrible advert that tries to play into the gamers psyche instead of pandering to the gaming spirit.

why not a guy coming home and looking for his Vita. he shouts through the house: 'Where's My Vita!!'

it then cuts to his wife playing little deviants in the bathroom and she smiles to herself one last time as she hears her husband cry 'where's my Vita!!'

from that point on, everyone would be typing: 'where's my Vita?' the advert could then have a follow up with both the woman and the man shouting: 'where's our Vita!' cut to a kid strutting his stuff down the street and impressing his mates with the Vita. and one last shout in the distance: 'Where's out Vita?'

Lior2498d ago

Yep it's not funny, doesn't relate to the product and isn't truthful about the quality of the games

GribbleGrunger2498d ago

the truth would sell this thing alone. all that advert did was say: Vita plays games. RUBBISH

Fishy Fingers2498d ago

And if you look really hard you might even see a PSV in there...

lorianguy2498d ago

I see what the advert is getting at, but you really need to know what a PS Vita is before watching it or it's impact is minimized.

VsAssassin2498d ago

The ad was spot on. It showed how normal lives can be transformed to different realms found in games. I thought the advertisement was well crafted; intelligently done. Now I know most of you here would rather see a montage of games on Vita, and although that is always a good thing, I think Sony will soon do something about that.

I loved the ad!!! great job, Sony!

extermin8or2498d ago

the ads great as long as they release others that show the cross play etc and games

moparful992498d ago

People are forgeting that ads perform much much better if they create an emotional response in the viewer.. I love how everyone on here is suddenely marketing experts whenever sony has been doing this for decades... I'm positive that there will be trailer montages and adverts that identify the vita and its specs, this ad does a great job of creating an emotional response and getting the viewer intrigued as to exactly what the vita is... Good job sony.

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