Ravaged is an interesting MP indie vehicular FPS that is powered by Unreal Engine 3

DSOGaming writes: "2 Dawn Games has released a dev diary video for their upcoming MP vehicular FPS game, Ravaged. Ravaged is a multiplayer only first-person shooter game with vehicles, team objectives and skill-based gameplay."

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Letros2472d ago

Damn, it has a lot of potential, 64 players, dedicated servers, 10 vehicles, 20 weapons, don't f it up and they'll make a killing off this.

Voxelman2471d ago

it's a pity that Activision owns the rights to the interstate franchise, the first game of that series is by far my favorite car combat game.

Machioto2471d ago

So it's twisted metal on steroids?

john22471d ago

You could say that. Or like Voxelman said an advanced clone of Interstate

Voxelman2469d ago

I wouldn't call it an advanced clone of interstate, I heard no Funk in those videos.

Interstae '76 was an amazing game back in the day, the Mechwarrior 2 engine with it's location based damage system was great and the soundtrack was one of the best of any game I have played. Activision trying to turn it into a damn Twisted Metal clone and then shelving the series because that game didn't sell well was one of the biggest travesties in gaming. A new interstate game with today's tech (advanced damage modeling and physics) would be amazing and a day one buy for me.

Ravaged looks like it could be fun, but it's no intersate and I hope they plan on fixing that popin because that is really distracting.

chanmasta2471d ago

WOW. I seriously can't wait to get this on Steam.