Why PS Vita’s PSN Pricing Gets It Right

TheSixthAxis looks at the recent Vita PSN prices and compares them with the Apple App Store pricing structure.

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lorianguy2468d ago

That's actually really well put and explained. Thanks.

farhad2k82467d ago

The games are priced so cheap in the UK!
If I use my pre order pack discount card, I can pick up Super Stardust Delta for £1.49!! Now that's EPIC!
Especially since the game has been getting many 9/10+ scores in reviews!

Luc202468d ago

The prices are great and MotorStorm: RC looks fab so decided to buy it in addition to wipeout, stardust and little deviants. Uncharted on the card as a part of promo bundle

resistance1002468d ago

When you chuck in the £5 off voucher we got in the pre-order pack, Super Stardust is only £1.49. Bargain

bahabeast2467d ago

digital should be cheaper, no paper manual, no case, no cd, no cover art, soo there is alot missing