Full Twisted Metal trophylist with large images

Full Twisted Metal trophylist with large images. 1 Platinum 5 Gold 5 Silver 29 Bronze.

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stoner2473d ago

Thats cool, I like big images, specially when they are in good quality.

twisted metal <3

Makasu2473d ago

Yeah, they have put some effort into these trophy images, i like them!

lorianguy2472d ago

These are really good images certainly, and it's obvious a lot of effort has been put in to them.

There are only a couple of games with better, more well-thought out images for trophies around. One of them being Assassins Creed 2.

badz1492472d ago

is going to be one of the toughest Platinum around

baddiary2473d ago

So ... who's getting it, and who's getting it out of pure nostalgia?

Makasu2473d ago

I'm actually really curious how it stands up today against other multiplayer games and crossovers like Starhawk. I didn't play it on PS2 or the black edition though...