Last of Us Latest screenshots revealed

These are the latest screenshots of the Last of Us shows some unique enemies, weapons and many other things. Check the images and you will find out what Last Of Us is capable of.

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NewMonday2134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )

the in game graphics look great in these pics, and love the subtle lighting.

and look at the bad guys face as it actually turns red in a choke hold, and another one has his jaw twist after a punch, all in-game, fantastic detail.

gamingsquid2134d ago

one thing I LIKE IN this images is the role of the girl when we are in danger the girl comes to help us and throw things on the enemy...Thats just wow

j-blaze2134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )

the game looks ugly and uninteresting imo...
ND did a great job fooling everyone with that boring pre-renderd cinematic trailer lol

Bathyj2134d ago

Your mocking is like a stamp of approval to real gamers.

Enjoying playing, whatever the hell it is you play.

sigfredod2134d ago

go back under your bridge T****

PC_Enthusiast 2134d ago

hah get lost fanboy!! you don't even have a ps3 do you -_-

sigfredod2134d ago

The pic with the girl about to throw a brick on the scavenger wow epic, this came can't be released soon enough!!

SquidBuck2134d ago

NOOOOOOO!!! That's pepsi on the soda machine. Coke is the master pop!