Xbox Live to push Alien Vs Predator: Requiem

Xbox Live will host its first campaign site to promote forthcoming cinema release Aliens V Predator: Requiem, as part of a six-figure deal between Microsoft and Twentieth Century Fox.

The site will include exclusive film clips, trailers, competitions and downloads, and will be supported by an in-game ad campaign across the Massive network.

Both Twentieth Century Fox and Microsoft intend to roll out a similar campaign for a future release in early 2008.

Planning and buying for the current campaign has been managed by Vizium.

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Giant Enemy Crab3626d ago

Alien Vs Predator: Requiem will be available to download on the video marketplace before it comes out on Blu-ray. Also this is probably a good sign that Fox are going to drop Blu-ray and go HD-DVD exclusive.

MK_Red3626d ago

Wow, first Viacom (Paramount) and now a semi deal with Fox (A Blu-ray supporter).

BIoodmask3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

they are bringing this to Live. I thought the first AvP was a really neat concept. I liked the movie but thought it was only good not great. Heres to hoping they can really build the sequel into something special.

The only downfall I have seen so far is that Hayden Christensen is in it. And I thought he sucked in the Star Wars preqels. He was the actor who played Anakin Skywalker

MK_Red3626d ago

Dude, you've mixed up AVP-R with Jumper. Hayden is Jumper not AVP ;)

As for original AVP, it was really disappointing compared to Alien movies like original, Aliens or Alien 3. It was also way behind original Predator movie. My biggest problem with film was it's PG-13 rating and lack of real violence that is an essential element of either of Alien or Predator movies.

Also, I hated the fact that Scar (Last Predator) worked with that human to get rid of Alien forces / queen.
Predator must be a crazy badass who kills anything he sees without mercy.

Thankfully, the producers have fixed both problems for sequel. AVP-R is rated R (AVP-"R") and is pretty gruesome. Plus, the lone Predator in this film doesn't spare any human and kills anything that breathes.
Also, design and look of both Aliens and Predators are based on their classic films rather than first AVP's.

BIoodmask3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

I thought the first AvP was just "OK". Are you sure that Hayden Christensen isn't in it? I could have sworn I saw him on the commercial for AvP-R.

I looked at the actors list and I can only find a list with 5 actors on it. He is not on that list. I think that new movie "Awake" looks really interesting but I won't go see it bc of Hayden Christensen.

And as for the best of the Aliens series. I think that will always go to Aliens. The second movie in the series. Although Resurrection was pretty good. The original Predator with Arnold is also still the best.

I have high hopes for the new AvP, looks to be really good. No mercy from the Predator this time around.

MK_Red3626d ago

I'm pretty sure.
I've always been a crazy Alien fan and while I love Aliens, my fave has to be Alien 3 in which there is only one alien but a pretty badass one and people are seriously defenseless.
AVP-R indeed looks good and Predator with No mercy and an army of Aliens will hopefully make this a classic. After all, the title is Alien"s" vs Predator so it may indeed be as awesome, gruesome and action packed as original Aliens was. Plus, it's R and it's more than enough for me :)

MrSwede3626d ago

It was Jumper.

I thought the first movie was ok, this will be a lot better though judging from the trailer.

mboojigga3626d ago

That should have been the first film. I liked the first movie but after seeing the unrated trailer a couple of months ago I knew this from the trailer alone will top the first film. This movie is dedicating how the novels were. I have all the novels and comics. I can't wait.

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Giant Enemy Crab3626d ago

Chris Green, senior marketing manager at Twentieth Century Fox, said: "We're really pleased to see media owners such as Microsoft developing an innovative and robust gaming offering as it provides us with the opportunity to engage their difficult-to-reach audience in the most creative, relevant way possible."

Mary Hunwick, Microsoft entertainment category manager, said: "As more and more brands are looking to compete in this space advertisers are constantly looking for new, innovative ways to interact and create a dialogue with their audiences."

Blu-ray not good enough then?

sheng long3626d ago

are you really that desperate? it's all about marketing. It has nothing to do with Blu-ray Vs HD-DVD. not yet, anyway.

predator3626d ago


do you know what this means..........

I can finaly have a predator gamerpic on live!!!!!!

get in there!!!!!!!!!

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