The 5 worst things from Mass Effect 2

"These are the 5 most terrible elements from Mass Effect 2."

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Godmars2902470d ago

Have to ask: didn't Bioware fire the original writer who came up with ME in the first place?

AramZS2470d ago

Apparently not, he's listed as one of the writers for ME2 on Wikipedia. But, perhaps not the primary writer.

k4rma2469d ago

He was co-writer on ME2. But compared to all his earlier work, ME2 was pretty bad. I heard he left halfway through due to writing conflicts. Just rumour though.

I wasn't much of a fan of ME2 myself. Just played the ME3 demo and seems even more distanced from the original, which is a huge shame, because the universe had such potential. Feels like its been squandered on the usual generic sci-fi.

Captain Qwark 92470d ago

mass effect 2 is a great game, better than most in fact. however compared to ME1 its a step back and failure in every way.

i agree with every point he made.

the jump from me1 to me2 was similar to the jump from re4 to re5. the sequels are excellent games and better than most even but fall incredibly short and lose sight completely of what made the previous entry so great.

Blacktric2470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

Another TERRIBLY written piece by nightmaremode. Their last "smearing" article for ME 2 turned out to be a crappy one just like this with two of the points actually being the same as each other only with shuffled words made me felt pathetic for reading it. So let's investigate one of the points in detail.

"This makes me seriously question if Bioware understands what ‘morality’ means. In Mass Effect 1 you make numerous attempts to free NPCs from reaper control, but not the geth. At no point did you try to negotiate or talk to the geth in the first game. This means that at the end of ME1, instead of being the conquering hero, you were sort of an asshole."

"I would like to bring to your attention the codex entry for the geth from Mass Effect 1. Please note the last line:

“It should be stressed, however, that in all forms the geth are universally violent creatures.”"

Yeah except these Geth were the members of what Legion called "Heretics" who followed Saren in the name of finding salvation with the return of the Reapers. They had absolutely NOTHING in common with the real Geth who just didn't want to be slaves for eternity which is perfectly explained in Mass Effect 2. Also concerning the second quote; the galactic codex (for the sake of looking authentic) contains few intentionally made errors such as this one. What were you expecting Bioware to write there? Explain the whole Geth vs. Heretic conflict in detail? Or add a silly line like "But there may be friendlier Geth somewhere in the galaxy". In essence, these crappy articles are nothing but a poorly executed smear campaign against Mass Effect series. Nothing more.

Godmars2902470d ago

Still doesn't speak well of the remaining 95% of Geth who allowed a genocidal minority to essentially speak for the race as a whole. Why they waited until well after interstellar crisis the Heretics and Sovereign created to reach out and form a dialog. And then with the sole individual who had been at the forefront of the Heretic incident.

They couldn't have both had knowledge to recognize Shepard as a major figure yet be so ignorant of galactic politics that he was the only person they could have talked to. more so when reports of his death started up.

Blacktric2470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

You are right. But be honest, what would you do if your closest friend or one of your family member commited a major crime and you get blamed with them because of their actions? The most appropriate thing for most people to do would be to lay low, at least for a while. Do you think Citadel Fleet would let a Geth Ambassador's ship to pass through their defenses eventhough their intentions aren't evil? And to your second question, I think Geth just didn't want to involve in anything related to other beings let alone politics. So, they stayed behind the Perseus Veil for more than three centuries. But when Shepard made his stand against Sovereign and the Heretics, it inspired them to at least fight to save their honor and name. I mean look at Legion and how he wears a piece of Shepard's old armor (which got ridiculously mocked and blamed for slavish connection to Shepard by the poorly written article's editor for absolutely no reason) out of respect to him and look at how he tried to find Shepard and defended him just to show his good intentions. Then look at the Heretics in Mass Effect 1. All of them always shot first without attempting any kind of peaceful solution. I know most people won't agree with me and will still think I'm biased towards the game and honestly I don't care. Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 had it's flaws. There's no denying that. Especially planet scanning and reduced level cap/available skills and points to spend alongside some other minor stuff for Mass Effect 2. But the game was still great. Yet people like these keep nitpicking to find even the smallest amount of flaw and trying to make them look like somewhat of a big deal. I mean at least completely read both articles and see how ridiculous and incompetently written some points are. I am not blaming the site or the editor just because they listed 5 things they thought was the worst in Mass Effect 2. I'm outspoken about this because both articles are poorly written and has misinformations/misdirections in them. Look at what he said about Mako sections in Mass Effect 1. Then how he complains about lack of big exploration sequences in Mass Effect 2. It is true that game allowed you to see less of specific planets/places but it had more variety instead of same types of planets with different background and terrain type.

cervantes992470d ago

I agree 100% with this article. I didn't want to admit these things while I played, but they are true for me.

ME1 is fantastic, ME2 is no more than a Husk of the former. I still enjoyed ME2, but had this game come first, it wouldn't have been universally praised.

The biggest problem is there is no sense of accomplishment with regard to the Reapers.

Son_Lee2470d ago

I must be the only one that loved the scanning process in this game. To me, this game is perfect in damn near every way. Only criticism I could have is I would wish for more exploration and customization.

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