The Last of Us combat forces you to think through the situation, devs say

Naughty Dog is looking to make The Last of Us the most realistic fungal-zombie-apocalypse game ever created. Game director Bruce Straley and creative director Neil Druckmann let slip a few details about combat mechanics in a video interview with Game Informer: Health will not automatically regenerate; Ellie, your AI companion, will be intelligent enough to throw bricks and other materials at your enemies, and she won't break your "stealth" mode; and it may include Uncharted-esque playable cinematics, but in more intimate environments.

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Frankfurt2415d ago

So it's the complete opposite of Uncharted's hand-holding?

Tacklebait2415d ago

I hope so! I've hyped this game up a little too much in my head. I'm sure it'll be good, but I want it to be amazing.

rdgneoz32414d ago

Not just Uncharted, many games these days have gotten too easy with regening hp and lots of hand-holding in general. I remember a video of black ops on hard mode or whatever, where the guy playing only had to shoot at like 2 points to beat a level and both were scripted encounters where he had to or he'd die. One reason why I loved Demons' Souls when it first came out, it basically beat the sh!t out of you till you learned.

ChiVoLok02414d ago

I think the purpose of the Uncharted hand-holding as you say was to get the best of the story, nothing else.

ziggurcat2414d ago

hand-holding? not exactly - you can negotiate any of the combat situations however you want, there's no single solution.

smashcrashbash2414d ago

Uncharted hate STILL? Get over it.

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sGIBMBR2414d ago

I hope so, there's too many run and gun type of scenarios in games! I wouldn't mind something that actually requires me to use my brain while engaged in full on action!

brodychet2414d ago

Same. I really don't hate Uncharted's combat system.. but it certainly isn't the best.

But at the same time, I'm not even sure what I'd prefer. Hope it wows me(:

thedude442414d ago

i just know this game is going to be great

ziggurcat2414d ago

it just keeps getting better for me everytime i hear about it.

Burning_Finger2414d ago

Finally, A cinematic survival action adventure thriller.

Sony is one Naughty Dog.

Bathyj2414d ago

The more I think about this game the more it reminds me of The Walking Dead.

Zombies will not be your main concern. People are alot more dangerous.

Kingdom Come2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

Exactly, I hope this games story is reminiscent of "The Walking Dead" TV Show and Books (Doesn't hold back on killing central characters, no matter their age, status and characteristics in order to shock and sadden the viewer/reader), I found that with Uncharted 3, Naughty Dog missed the opportunity to be risky and killing off a central character (Fountain Scene). However, with a Post Apocalyptic setting, those you meet have adapted to their surroundings, doing so changes you and your morals, you have something or someone to fight for, and you are going to do anything to do so. Hopefully the Writers at Naughty Dog don't hold back on killing off central characters, they need to do so in order to make the scenario more believable. Not everyone can adapt...

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