PlayStation Vita Winners Continue to Rage over Fishy Taco Bell Contest

Kotaku - We continue to hear from people who have taken issue with the strange Taco Bell contest that claims to be giving a PlayStation Vita to customers every 15 minutes.

More than 15 contestants have told Kotaku that after seeing on the Taco Bell website that they had won Vitas, they were later informed that their winning entries were invalid. Many contestants sent us screenshots of the Taco Bell splash screen that says "Congratulations! You Won!" Several contestants sent over mobile versions of the screen.

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rbluetank2469d ago

i spent 20 dollars so far. i have not won "shirts"!! i am done with taco bell. they just want you to spam their fake contest across the net!

MariaHelFutura2468d ago

The contest was only 88% real...

(Which is still a lie BTW)

MariaHelFutura2468d ago

No one should be eating Taco Bell anyway.

rbluetank2468d ago

i am heading back to the taco truck... atleast it taste like real mexican food...

bozebo2468d ago

Under ACTA. They would be allowed to make N4G banned, make kotaku baned, and have anyone who publicly vents their dissapointment about not being given their vita thrown in jail (theoretically).

Neko_Mega2468d ago

Funny thing is, I enter a code a friend had and it didn't say anything. But I'm not shock they are having problems because McD's does with their giveaways but no one seems to care.

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