Gamasutra's Best Of 2007: Top 5 Poignant Game Moments

Throughout this week and last, Gamasutra is presenting a year-end retrospective, discussing notable games, events, developers, and industry figures of 2007.

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MK_Red3774d ago

I'd also add Assassin's Creed's short but incredibly sweet leap of faith moments. I really really feel like a bird during those scenes and nothing says awesome like a good freefall moment.

sleepbox3774d ago

The Weighted Companion cube wins...I'm also glad they included the part from The Darkness with the movie w/ your girlfriend.

okcomputer3774d ago

Maybe its my dislike for the darkness, but the movie scene did absolutly nothing for me. The Ryan scene in bioshock had the opposite effect though, I was so drawn in by the "twist" betrayal, and yea I would have wanted to keep Ryan alive if you had the choice. The scene was so well done though I can't complain. Bioshock was just an amazing game from start to finish.

slak3773d ago

The darkness is hot i like that game but bioshock is fu*king awesome oh yea that part was the sh!t