Mojang: no plans for Minecraft on Vita

Eurogamer: Minecraft has launched on PC, Mac, Android and iOS, and it will launch on Xbox Live Arcade - but it will not launch on PS Vita.

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farhad2k82495d ago

It's the perfect device for Minecraft!
Limit it to like 8 players online SURVIVAL MODE, price it at around £25, and watch how people rush to buy it!
With dual analogue sticks, and all the other features including touch screen, sensors etc. It's perfect for Minecraft!

Are Mojang retarded? :/

GraveLord2494d ago

They got a contract with Microsoft so it won't release on a Sony or Nintendo platform any time soon.

farhad2k82494d ago

Yet, it's on the Xperia Play which is Sony's phone, and is also Playstation Certified?

Mojang linking with Microsoft means nothing, they never signed a contract saying 'WE WON'T MAKE THE GAME ON ANY OTHER CONSOLE'.. did they?

bahabeast2495d ago

someone paid them to stay away from everything sony

dark-hollow2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

This is stupid!
There isnt minecraft for the 3ds too.

This conspiracy theory and paranoia with sony in n4g is really stupid.

jujubee882495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

Suffice to say, I like seeing the youtube personalities play "Minecraft".

Even if a 'Minecraft VITA' is a smaller version on the PS VITA, I am not sure why Team Mojang would not do this because it is such a part of gaming culture right now and I am really only going to be able to dedicate time and money on the PS VITA.

Hopefully, Notch and Team Mojang reconsider and do have some plan to get "Minecraft" on the PS VITA, because such a compelling software experience would seriously not allow me to put down my PS VITA.

Arnagrim2494d ago

Oh sweet it's this article for the nth time.

ziggurcat2494d ago

thank god for that... awful, awful game.

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