1UP: PlayStation Vita Scorecard

1UP: The PlayStation Portable couldn't miss. It was going to stomp Nintendo, bringing an end to 15 years of handheld gaming domination by the Game Boy family. It was going to win. Sony couldn't be stopped. Nintendo's desperate last-ditch counter, a weird and underpowered device called the DS, only made this outcome more certain. In 2005, the PSP was the future.

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disturbing_flame2436d ago

I feel it deserves better than a B personaly. Especialy when i read what 1up say of it. Really Strange.

I'll see that when i get myself a Vita, i really enjoy what Vita is promising for the moment. Looks that this device is really fine.

Trenta272436d ago

Don't cast judgement until you try yourself. I have been dissing it now and then, but I won't cast full judgement until I try it myself. I might love it for all I know. Just saying.