Devil May Cry 4 - Total Video Games' Hands-On

Currently in development at franchise creators Capcom Production Studio 4 (minus producer Shinji Mikami) for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC, the latest installment not only includes a more rugged Dante, but also a series debut for another Demon Hunter, Nero. Looking like a younger version of the franchise's protagonist, this fresh-faced upstart has his own demonic power in the form of the 'Devil Bringer', a possessed arm that wouldn't be out of place in another Capcom title (2007's God Hand). Armed with our very own blades of steel, TVG set off to join the demon hunting duo in a battle through a couple of DMC4's missions.

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DarkSniper3779d ago

Initial development of Devil May Cry 4 began production on the PLAYSTATION 3®. Dark Sniper expects the aformentioned console to yield superior graphics and spectacular gameplay over the XBOX 360's port. Combine this with the lack of an solid ergonomic design of the 360 controller is why Dark Sniper advises everyone that the PS3 installation of Devil May Cry 4 is the game to get.


joemomma3779d ago

This game is going to be great for ps3. The 360 port will probably fall flat on its face.

Michael Jackson3779d ago

hahaha nice one evil zhuk! It's funny how the evil one is actually the nicer of the two. :D

Zhuk3779d ago

I personally can not wait for the debut of DMC on the Xbox 360. It will be great to finally see DMC be able to stretch its legs and realize the visions of the development team thanks to the true next generation features and unrivalled power of the Xbox 360s superior architecture.

There is a big reason why the DMC team wanted to work on the Xbox 360, they practically begged Capcom for the privilege to work on it. They

knew that they would not be able to realize their creative visions on the PS3 and its inferior architecture. With the Xbox 360 version already looking superior to the PS3 version, it will be interesting to see how much better it can get by release.