Gaming's Video Platform Launches Gaming 2.0

Gaming's top video content has a new destination, Designed as gaming's video platform, is made to serve video content to gamers from video game developers, publishers, leading gaming news publications, and top independent video producers.

Gamers will find everything from trailers and gameplay videos, to news, reviews and previews videos, to walkthrough, commentary, satire and series videos. It's all gaming, it's all top video, and it's all free.

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MonsterVine1628d ago

Very clean and easy to navigate, props!

C_Menz1628d ago

The legendary Socom Confrontation soldier appears once again.

Kyll1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

His name may be steady eddy ;)

Ravenor1628d ago

SOCOM Confrontation Box Art is basically the poster boy of modern Video Games....

GraveLord1628d ago

So it's basically the same as IGN or even Gametrailers/Gamespot...etc... etc. Nothing new here.