Velocity Gamer- New Darkness II Review

The first Darkness, released a few years back, gave the allure of allowing the player to take hold of a dark and malevolent force, capable of destroying almost anything that came it its path. Now, Digital Extremes has taken a foray into the darkness once more, and this time, improving upon many of the things that kept the original from becoming a classic, but are some gameplay bugs, and a cliché, but enticing story enough to draw in the average gamer?

The Darkness II takes place a few years after the events of the previous game, where Jackie Estacado is now the head of a mob family, all the while keeping his dark passenger at bay. After a nearly successful hit on Jackie’s life, he is forced once again to unleash the dark powers within him to survive, and has now made a new enemy in the age old underground society, known as The Brotherhood. As you progress, not only do you have to discover who is out for Jackie’s life, but you soon find out, as you progress through the quite short campaign, that there is quite a bit of story behind the darkness, and Jackie’s life.

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