Microsoft, Viacom announce $500 million partnership

Los Angeles Times - December 19, 2007:

Viacom Inc. and Microsoft Corp. today announced a five-year, $500-million strategic partnership under which Viacom will supply Microsoft with movies, videos and games, and Microsoft will sell advertising for Viacom's Internet sites.

Under the deal, which the companies announced in a joint press release today, Microsoft will license, on a nonexclusive basis, entertainment content from Viacom's MTV Networks, Paramount Pictures movie studios and BET Networks, for use on its MSN website and on its Xbox 360 game system.

Microsoft also will buy advertising on Viacom sites, and the companies will collaborate on promotions and sponsorships for award shows on MTV Networks and BET Networks, they said.

The agreement makes Microsoft the exclusive seller of remnant display advertising - or unsold ad inventory - on Viacom's U.S. websites. Microsoft's Atlas division will become the ad server for Viacom's domestic websites as well, the companies said.

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predator3840d ago

so does this mean 360 will be getting more paramount and mtv stuff on live? that would be cool

Lifendz3840d ago

This is crazy! The Viacom umbrella is like the lineup that appeals to people in the teens and twenties. Adding this to XBL is going to be a great move for MS. Also, think of what this means for future Rock Band games. I hope this prompts Sony to do something with their Movie studio. How the heck PSstore doesn't have access to Sony's movies is beyond belief. Anyway, good move MS and kudos to you Xbots. Can't say MS doesn't spend the money to attempt to win.

One thing...prepare to pay out the arse for any of these things. They already over-charge for tv episodes.

Second thing...MS HAS to drop the price on that hard drive. 20 gigs just isn't going to be enough if you're really looking to take advantage of all the new content coming to XBL.

Zhuk3840d ago

this is great news for Xbox 360 consumers. Viacom believes in the vision that Xbox 360 is trying to create with Xbox Live and the Video Marketplace, the worlds greatest digital distribution service. This may have great ramifications for the future of the Xbox 360s IPTV offerings.

ktchong3840d ago

Microsoft is definitely not getting out of the console business.

MK_Red3840d ago

Well, Viacom's Paramount is already a big supported of HD-DVD and cause of it is believed to be MS. Now their partnership has gone to a whole new level.

ktchong3840d ago

This new deal was likely offered as a part of the incentive for Paramount/Dreamwork to switch over to the HD DVD.

Grassroots3840d ago

Round Peg, I was thinking the same concept, I just wish that you could buy the movies instead of renting them over XBL, I hate how they all expire.

candystop3840d ago

I'm with you on the expiration crap! Yes it's cool to be able to rent but they should give you more time to do so and alsoallow you to buy movies!

BlazinEurasian3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

These two companies together could save HD-DVD. Definitely, the Paramount HD-DVD exclusivity was part of this deal. This shakes up the entertainment industry. Expect CBS to start endorsing Microsoft products, not openly biased, but subtly like MSNBC.

Saving HD-DVD does not mean Bluray dies.

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