Max Payne 3 on console delay, cover art reveal, and PC delay

Rockstar Games recently took in a variety of fan questions in relating to the upcoming title Max Payne 3. Throughout the QA, many demanding inquires were answered in which Rockstar responds to why the initial delay for the console versions of the game occurred, why the PC version will launch after the console version and when we will be able to feast our eyes on the official box-art for the title.

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DarkBlood2345d ago

if there was no real reason to delay i would of bet they did it on purpose to delay giving information on gta5

BiggCMan2345d ago

I thought this said Mass Effect 3 at first glance. Haha, I would pay to see that reaction from people.

pandehz2345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

Hahahaha same.

My reaction: alskhdoihlknkaskdhoaiwuaklsdna jshkjwa;sljfd

gimme £30