4Player Review: The Darkness II

4Player - "Taking a page from the original game, The Darkness II’s tale is one of loss, love, and alternative realities. It’s a narrative of stark contrasts, where the very gritty streetwise world of the Mafioso is commingled with the temporal world of the Arcane, a world that seemingly has no limits. Jacky, and the player, walk the fine line between the two and his sometimes awkward interactions with those around him reflect this duality with great precision. Members of his crime family, though dependent on his power seem also completely terrified by it. They refer to it as simply “His thing” or “That thing that you do.” The NPCs here are not living in a vacuum. They are in this strange world with you. The writing and narration gets it across that all they wanted to do was make some money and smash some heads, and now they have evil serpents flying all over the place spilling their special sauce."

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