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Sony’s PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) is the company’s second ever handheld console to be released after the original PSP model came out way back in 2004/2005. For those of you who don’t know, the PS Vita is a completely new console and not just an upgraded model of the PSP such as the PSPGo or the PSP 3000 etc. With this in mind, does the PS Vita offer any innovative new features that might persuade original PSP owners to upgrade?

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Myst2289d ago

Hrm seems like one will need a car charger then for those long trips. Basically one where you can plug it into the cigarette outlet while plugging in the USB part. That seems like it would be perfect for the vita then on the road.

dredgewalker2289d ago

You can use an inverter, that way you can plug different devices like laptops and celphones using their standard chargers.

Myst2289d ago

Yeah I think that's what I was thinking of as well. Basically a device that can plug into those outlets but have USB on the other side. Is that the same thing your talking about or am I thinking of something completely different lol.

dredgewalker2289d ago

Mine doesn't have usb, it only has female sockets for regular electrical plugs and has an output of 120 to 220 volts. I thought you were talking about a cigarette outlet charger only for the vita, my bad for the misinterpretation :P It's really handy to have these things around on long trips and I can't imagine having a long trip just sitting down doing nothing :)

fear882289d ago

Just FYI, you can use a car charger for an airplane charger. Most airplanes now carry a dc outlet just like the ones found in a car, so it actually isn't that bad to go on a 6.5 hour plane ride because of this and it makes me think that the battery itself is adequate for gaming on the go during a busy day or when you have 2-3 hours to spare during a long day.

Razongunz2289d ago

car chargers are allready available for ps vita at launch

KeybladeMaster2289d ago

Cannot wait for this. Only another day and 3 1/2 hours to go before I get my hands on one.

killasder2289d ago

aww man my uncharted n wipeout arrived from amazon today.. but not my first edition bundle..

MasterCornholio2289d ago

I'm actually impressed that with the Vitas power hungry hardware it manages to match the 3DS in terms of battery life. I was expecting it to last only 2 hours with everything on max. This doesn't mean that I don't wish it was a little bit better though but for me it should be more than enough.