4 Reasons Why They Should Make A L.A Noire Sequel

MMGN.COM writes: L.A Noire may have suffered from repetitive sequences, but it has been heralded for its ability to tell a story that rivals some of the best Hollywood movies. With Rockstar mentioning that a L.A Noire sequel is a definite possibility, we started to ponder if we really wanted another adventure in the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles. The answer was an emphatic yes, and here's four reasons why we're looking forward to a sequel.

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seporith2196d ago

They should do a 24 game, where Jack Back gets to interrogate some suspects.

josephayal2196d ago

For the love of god! Nooo! Plz no!

MysticStrummer2196d ago

Great storytelling? No. I had to force myself to finish the game because I wasn't interested enough in the story. The main reason they should make a sequel is to get some more use out of the tech they spent so much money developing. Also the atmosphere was well done but there wasn't enough to to do, both at the crime scenes and throughout the city, so I'd like to see a game that does the idea justice.

scotchmouth2195d ago

You are one up on me. I couldn't finish the game. For me it felt like it was droning on and on. The gameplay sequences were the topcoat over a mundane experience that just added up to nothing.

As I got into it I noticed the limitations of the interrogations, the blandness of crime scene investigation. All these things sound good but they weren't executed well.

The graphics were nice but I was basically in a huge city with nothing really to do other then stare at facial features. Considering how long this was being worked on it felt like it fell short of what it could have been.

That said... I think another installment could really clean up nice and be beneficial to the gaming community. There really isn't anything like it and there is loads of potential.