Blacklight: Retribution open beta starts Feb 27

Zombie Studios’ dystopian multiplayer shooter Blacklight: Retribution will enter open beta contrast on Feb 27. Though a strange Blacklight: Tango Down strike consoles as well, this free-to-play follow-up is a PC disdainful with DirectX 11 bells and whistles.

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ATi_Elite2167d ago

Happy happy joy joy

One of the many F2P titles i'm looking forward to.

BL:R looks to really push the f2p FPS genre up a couple notches along with great competition from Ghost Recon Online.

theeg2166d ago

its pretty bad ass, i was in the closed beta and really liked it, tribes f2p is awesome as well, firefall is coming up soon and looks epic, many, many great things coming to pc, hoping to get in the Path of Exile beta which also looks amazing.

Just played the pc mass effect 3 demo, runs perfect, looks quite nice and the co-op online was rather fun....i told myself i wasnt buying part 3 right away, but now i may have to.