Four Goals for Upcoming Skyrim DLC

Here are four features that Bethesda needs to have in the first downloadable content for Skyrim.

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jessupj2347d ago

Goal 1.

Release DLC on all platforms simultaneously and stop being little shits, taking MS's money and giving the middle finger to a good chuck of your customers.

Unless bethesda proves they really do care about thier customers, I'll be renting the GOTY edition with all the DLC and they won't see a cent.

skyrim2347d ago

doesn't effect them if you don't buy it thousands of other people will and if they didn't care about the customers they wouldn't be spending money to patch the bugs in there game. As for timed exclusive dlc that's just a busines decision nothing more it's only a month anyway.

koh2347d ago

Way to act like timed, console specific DLC is the end of the world. I mean, how dare they try to make more money right? Who gave THEM the right to decide when, where and how they release their own work?

jessupj2346d ago

No, I couldn't care less when I play (if at all) the DLC. I'm just calling beth out on their inability to treat all their customers as equals.

It's just amazing how blindly people defend bethesda.

koh2346d ago

That's fine if you feel that way, and I could see why you would, but that's not what you said. You said they should "Release DLC on all platforms simultaneously and stop being little shits".

jessupj2344d ago

Not treating customers equally = being little shits.

I understand they're a business, but there are other ways of increasing profits than just accepting a cheque from MS and asking them how long do you want us to with-hold the DLC from our PS3 customers

koh2343d ago

Why do you need to treat all customers evenly? Not everything in life needs to be equal. In business, this is the way things go, if you can make money you do it.

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LightofDarkness2347d ago

Give me a real reason to jump back in: not just new quests, but new abilities and expanded ideas. Like dragon mounts and such.