Eat Sleep Play explains why your favorite character (probably) won't be in Twisted Metal

While design director David Jaffe was busy offending women all over the Internet, GamesBeat sat down with Eat Sleep Play's Operations Director Angelic Quintana and Producer Drew Bradford to discuss the impending release of the Salt Lake City, Utah-based studio’s second release in four-and-a-half years.

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Nakerman2226d ago

Pretty disappointed with what I've seen from this game. Even Jaffe knows it's crap...

CernaML2226d ago

Of course. That's why he states over and over again that he thinks it's the best work he's ever done.

Are you usually this dense?

MysticStrummer2226d ago

Ahhh... so if I make obvious troll remarks, I'll get MORE bubbles. I was very misinformed about that.

plumber152226d ago

The game has shitty graphics but when you start to play it you realize that it is a gem . I love how each weapon has its own place on the cars I have only played the demo but I the demo more then every other demo I have played . I think the levels look simplistic but there far from that , like when your in the white house or the theater , its pretty neat .

madjedi2226d ago

When your racing around the city at full nitro, your too busy running looking for weapons or trying blast the poor bastard that you decided is going to have a bad day today to pieces.

To really care about the graphics too much. People aren't going to buy twisted metal for it's graphics, they buy it to blow other people to tiny pieces.

Has there even been 5 true car combat games this gen