FFXIII - the reason for the PS3

OrlandoSentinel writes:

"Okay... so I watched the trailers that were posted a few days ago, and decided to do some digging. For all those who want to know more about the FFXIII project, I found a great website that has all sorts of wonderful information:

This promises to be one of the most interesting concepts that has come out in awhile, for one of my personal favorite game series ever. PS: I love that there's a girl main protagonist to follow.

For anyone who might not have heard - the Final Fantasy XIII project is going to be a series of games all set in the same universe, but not nessecarily overlapping. I don't know enough yet as to guess the connections the characters might make - but I can say in no uncertain terms that being an avid follower of The FF series, the prospect of being able to own a ton of new FF games sometime in the forseeable future makes me a very happy Girl."

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Giant Enemy Crab3747d ago

Lightning is a small boy and is in no way female. Square are just taking androgenous to the next level.

TANOD3747d ago

i dont care about the sexual orientation of Lightning

All i care is about FF13----i bought my ps2 for FF10

and PS3 for FF13

and this one will break all sales records on its opening day in terms of worldwide sales

Panthers3746d ago

lol idiot that is a chick. She might not be the main character though. But it is def a chick.

UnblessedSoul3747d ago

You need to see the doctor I'm worried about you

anh_duong3746d ago

i have now read five articles in the past few weeks stating that uncharted, ratchet, gt: prologue, lbp and ff13 are, individually, all reasons to own a ps3. so basically - apart from lair - almost every major ps3 exclusive is a reason to own a ps3???

lonestarmt3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

yeah I know, it annoys me to! Its only because of the xbots. A great game comes out on the ps3, and it says finally a great game to warrant a ps3, then they all say nahhh it sucks, its stupid, its overated, flop, NEXT. So then another great comes out they say again now this is the reason to own it, trying to show the xbots that the ps3 does have that AAA game that they say ps3 will never have, then they say the same damn thing over and over. So it repeats. In reality, there are already lots of reasons to own even before 13 or MGS hits.

edit: bubbles for you PS360wii. A true gamer!! wish I could afford all three consoles.

PS360WII3746d ago

lonestarmt thank you for that. I also feel the PS3 already has enough games to warrent a purchase. XIII and MGS will be nice but the games out now are uber too ^^

Marceles3746d ago

Uh...yeah, that's why you called it a "major ps3 exclusive".

anh_duong3746d ago

not really because a major (major meaning heavily hyped/big production costs) exclusive might not be awesome and hence not the reason to buy a ps3.

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DethWish3746d ago


It's my reason =)

v1c1ous3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

i learned my lesson with ff12.

i got hyped up for and all i got was a 5-hour-dungeon-crawl-for-2-min -cutscene-little-character-dev e lopment-with-ff11-battle-mecha n ics game

it was a good game since they replaced random battles, but the skills grid was unorganized and the characters, aside from balthier, were dull.

plus all the good stuff seemed to happen everywhere BUT where your party was.

that's why i'm taking the previews with a grain of salt. if its good, its good. and i won't have to regret purchasing it.

lonestarmt3746d ago

hey now! 12 was pretty good. Not X, VI, VII good but good. I actually liked basch a lot better than bailter, although he was a cool character. Fran and ashe were good too. Plus it had one of the best fighting systems for an rpg. It actually had a original storyline! The creators of 12 said that the one thing they were dissappointed with 12 was the storyline and great character designs. They said they are trying to make 13 much better in those regards. So there is still alot to look forward to!

PS360WII3746d ago

12 I think was thier first copy and paste but new story. 12 tried to be an off-line XI. Basically every aspect of the MMO was found in 12 minus a different story. Plus once everyone had gambits all you needed to do was walk around and watch. That didn't do it for me.

lonestarmt3746d ago

yeah, plus the summons were almost worthless. However the gambits were awesome when you wanted to build up. For me, I got every character to level 99 with their best weapons, and the gambits really helped me go through the level grinding. Plus on certain bosses if you just used gambits you would get your butt handed to you. Especially the optional bosses. I know some didn't like it, but you had to actually had to think which gambits to use and when against each boss or summon. Like that one boss with millions of HP, man it took me four hours to beat him. Longest optional boss ever I think..

PS360WII3746d ago

ha yea he was a brute. True you couldn't really use the gambits for bosses they always changed the pace. The nice thing about that last side boss was he didn't regen so you could take some away, recharge, back in the battle ^^

Lucreto3746d ago

All Final Fantasy games are good. Just some people like the story more than others. I didn't like X very much until I looked back on it retrospectively then I though it was a good game. FFXII was good but peope were expecting more after getting 40/40 in Famitsu.

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