How to Win a Girl With 10 Games

Alexa Ray Corriea of DualShockers writes: "It’s Valentine’s Day. The holiday that pressures commitment-phobes, depresses singles, and means absolutely nothing to actual couples. The holiday that people make too much of a big deal about, and instead of blowing hundreds of dollars on fancy dinners and chocolate, could be best spent on the couch… playing video games. With minimal currency involved."

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Smashbro292351d ago

Why Soul Calibur IV? Didn't V come out?!

aglot892351d ago

Losers. The one day where a female legitimately does care if you play video games and ignore her, yet you insist on playing video games.

You can't use your hands forever.

JoelT2351d ago

You realize a female wrote it, right?!