New Batch Of The Last Of Us Screenshots

Check out these eight new screenshots and artwork for Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us.

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majiebeast2203d ago

Only makes me more excited i hope its just really Gritty.

MGS_fanatico_2203d ago

I love that they drew inspiration from Llewelyn Moss (Josh Brolin) from No Country for Old Men for Joel - Moss was f*cking badass! =D
Naughty Dog seem to be playing so many cards right, I simply can't wait to see some gameplay! :)

DG902203d ago

This will be the game to really show the real 'power of the PS3' i honestly think this could beat Uncharted... in terms of looks... Its to soon to say story wise... But for now on strictly the look of the game... Its going to be hard to beat

pwnmaster30002203d ago

Agreed but some texture looks kinda flat but im sure nd will fix that up.
The characters model look top notch though. I also like how she is using a brick to fight. Really show you how resourceful you have to be.

KingOptimus7772203d ago

Im so excited can't wait to see the gameplay in action.

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