New PS Vita Commercial

A brand new PS Vita commercial has aired for the North America Launch.

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Misterhbk2199d ago

that's actually a really good ad. They chose a specific feature and informed consumers on what they'll be able to do with that feature. The "Never Stop Playing" slogan is pretty good too!

A HUGE step up from the crying baby ads we got for the PS3.

Nitrowolf22199d ago

Ha but I gotta admit, those PS3 ads were pretty awesome. But still, commercials like these will most likely prove way more effective in the end.

Army_of_Darkness2199d ago

so in order to keep "playing" does that mean I have to buy the vita version as well as the ps3 version?! cause if that's the case, there's No way I'm doing that!
Hopefully Sony gives like a 50% discount on the vita version or something better if you buy the ps3 version...

fluffydelusions2199d ago

Not bad but still havent seen ads anywhere on TV

just_looken2199d ago

is borderline ok they never mentioned price/compatibility or the tech inside it. They should have broaden the add instead of focusing on one thing.You couldn't even see the 2 joy sticks or touch screen capability's.

xyxzor2199d ago

Not bad, but not great either.

smashcrashbash2199d ago

50 million dollars Sony is paying for VITA advertising. That should turn quite a few heads.

blumatt2199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )

50 million is a little more reasonable than 500 million. It'll be enough to get the Vita out there so little kids, teens, and adults alike can know what this beast can do.

Good ad, Sony. Just make sure to air it on several different channels at prime times.

Game4life2199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )

Just wait to see the others that are supposed to come tomorrow. i can't wait to see them

-Mika-2199d ago

I don't know if this ad was great. It make the guy seem like he has an addiction. Maybe they should of went with something more simple.

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The story is too old to be commented.