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PSLS Writes,

"We might not know what the future holds for the Vita, but if PlayStation series WipEout is anything to go by, the future of racing is bright. And fast."

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doctorstrange2171d ago

Awesome game, and one of the few launch titles with online.

Sev2171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

This is one of my top five Vita launch titles. If you like racing or wipEout, this is a must.

Edit: @doctorstrange - It's got cross-platform play, too.

knifefight2171d ago

Cross-platform? :O

I had no idea 0_0

majiebeast2171d ago

Sev have you tried escape plan yet? and if so how is it.

dbjj120882171d ago

Didn't think I'd pick this up but I'm going to have to now that I've seen all these positive reviews.

Lifewish2171d ago

i love Wipeout but i still think I might pass on this so i can afford other games haha

PirateThom2171d ago

Uncharted and this are the two games I'm getting at launch... one of my friends, sadly, can't afford a Vita, but as Wipeout HD... so we're going to include him in our online fun. :)

Ultr2171d ago

same here bro! Uncharted and Wipeout!

-Alpha2171d ago

What about Stardust? Need some good arcade fun for that quick fix

UltimateIdiot9112171d ago

I want this game but HSG will do for now. Backlog way too big already.

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