Shuttle prepares to blast off with new gaming PC

First debuted at the 2012 Consuemr Electronics Show in January, computer manufacturer Shuttle is counting down to lift-off with the SX79R5 -- the company's latest high-performance gaming PC.

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Tuxmask552316d ago

So...this Shuttle company...are their computers really any good?

C_Menz2316d ago

They are marketing this as a high-end gaming PC, yet only put a gtx 560? Not even a 560ti???? Lmao, why put a 6-core cpu in it and yet put a mid-range GPU in it?

Not knocking the 560, since I myself run two 560ti's sli'ed. But if you market it as a high-end PC it should have a gtx 580 or a 570 at minimal(just talking nvidia).

Either way if you want a gaming PC just buy the parts yourself and build one. Save money and learn how easy it is in the process. Wrote a blog about this on techspy the other day...

coolasj2316d ago

I don't get " Pre-made Gaming PC's ". Isn't the whole thing behind gaming on it to build your own? With specs you can be proud of and put in your forum signature? Why pay over double? I get being rich and lazy and not wanting to build it yourself but... seriously.

C_Menz2316d ago

Most are put off by thinking it is difficult when it is really not. It is essentially legos for adults.

dredgewalker2316d ago

It is actually a lot simpler these days compared to when we had to set the jumpers on the board and cpu compatibility was a problem. I don't dig pre-made pc's because it's always cheaper to build them yourself while having the flexibility of what components you're going to put in. I guess some people just don't like building and some are afraid to try it out.

hellvaguy2315d ago

I think one of the hardest things is determining the right power supply. Some of the latest graphics card suck more and more power the higher end you get. To get around this obsticle I just go to of those pre-configure pc sites and put in the components that I want and it adjusts the power supply accordingly.