What's NASA doing making video games?

Gamasutra's Tom Curtis writes, "You might not be able to tell at first blush, but NASA is really into video games -- so much so, in fact, that the organization has produced several of its own titles to teach the public about the latest in aeronautics technology and research."

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CrimsonEngage2230d ago

They also made Moon Base-Alpha which is free on steam. I thought it was pretty fun and required teamwork. Too bad it's only one map and one mission. :(

DeadlyFire2228d ago

Well if Newt isn't elected they will likely only have video games to fund them. So keep it up NASA. Make something profitable though if you want to one day fly again.

mayberry2228d ago

I read something literally over 15-20 years ago about NASA and it's shuttle pilots and navagators regarding games, and it said, if I remember corectly that from judging reation times from its pilots and navagators that did or didn't play games that they would permanently instigate a program basically making gaming a part of the training process!
I have always remembered that!