Why Doesn’t Valve Spill The Beans On Episode 3?

"There’s few things us gamers anticipate more than a big game release. It starts when you first see and hear about the game, and you make a mental note to keep an eye on it. A few trailers later, an official release date is announced and you begin to get excited. As the time edges closer and closer, the eagerness to get your hands on it continues to grow, and before you know it, your coughing down the phone to your boss and telling him about your “gastrointestinal issues” and hoping they don’t connect the dots.

Half Life 2: Episode Three is perhaps the most anticipated gaming work in progress that doesn’t have an official release date. That’s not the only question either; very little is known about what to expect from it or even how far along it is. Episode 3 is a riddle in many ways: What does everyone know about, yet know nothing about?"

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CrimsonEngage2292d ago

Someone probably hacked into their HQ again and stole some stuff like they did when HL2 came out. Now they have to start all over. Look's like we will have to wait another 6 years. xD

Mastarace2291d ago

I am sure its not an episode,its half life 3 at this point.

finbars752291d ago

You know there waiting for E3 to show it off.Why would you show a highly anticapated game like half life 3 now when its slow.E3 is the only time to make a boom.Cant wait for the game i must admit.

ninjahunter2291d ago

Thats what i said 3 years ago.

sprinterboy2291d ago

I would like to still be in gaming when the game concludes lol, love the Half Life Universe and obviously expect each one to be awesome but they do take there time abit too much. I think I was 18yrs when I played Half Life maybe 19yrs, I am 36 now, maybe I have me math wrong but it seems way to long for a gamer to finally see the ending, not everyone games for that long in there life, how many sales will they lose out on from people who played hl1/2 but no longer game anymore and the young kids just throwing money at cod. Could be an expensive project with the new source engine and not sell well ?

deep_fried_bum_cake2291d ago

You have your age off (of first playing, assuming you played it when it came out) by about 3-4 years. I don't actually think that there would be a lot of sales lost to COD and retirement from gaming. The game has a very large fan base still and I think it would sell very well.

Plus just because these kids throw money at COD doesn't mean they are devoid of gaming taste (well maybe I'm wrong there), there will be those who have played and love Half-Life among them.

Ace_Man_62291d ago

Because they don't want to.

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