Happy Valentine's Day from Gravity Rush

Gematsu writes, "SCE Japan Studio is celebrating February 14 with a Valentine’s Day card from Gravity Rush, which was recently released in Japan. The card, which can double as your PlayStation Vita background or lock screen image, shows Kat and her cat Dusty about to pick at chocolates."

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sinncross2350d ago

haha thats cute :)

Need to pick this up in a few days, just busy finishing off another PSV game atm.

lashes2ashes2350d ago

You read or speak Japanese? There is no English in gravity rush. If you do good for you.

sinncross2350d ago

I do a little. I live here atm so since I am learning, especially kanji, I reckon some exposure via gaming, as a hobby, would be beneficial.

tarbis2350d ago

So cute, wish they made a wallpaper size for PCs too.

HarvesterOSarow2350d ago

She is so adorable with her little kat :) I can't wait to play this game!