IGN: Lumines: Electronic Symphony Video Review

Load times could be a bit shorter and I wouldn't mind seeing the price come down, but Lumines: Electronic Symphony is amazing. It's the simple puzzle game we've known for a while coupled with new mechanics like the shuffle block and the Vita's connectivity. It's a fun, addictive title that I won't stop playing anytime soon.

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zielocz3k2203d ago

Vita games are getting nice scores from IGN:

Uncharted 8.5
Lumines 9
Rayman 9
Fifa 8
UMvsC 8
Stardust 9.5

and there are more to come :) PS Vita has the best launch line-up of games

smashcrashbash2203d ago

They have been getting good scores since they have been in Japan.People try to ignore them but they are right there. Good scores for the VITA and good scores for the games and people are STILL finding lame excuses not to buy it.

MasterCornholio2203d ago

I'm happy to see a ton of great games to play at launch. The only bad thing about this is, I have to decide on which ones to buy and I can't afford all the ones that I am Interested in.

Thank the gods of gaming that Sony was serious about the Vita.


spok222203d ago

This and superstardust are my launch titles for vita.