Schafer on XBLA: “It could have been our own little Sundance Film festival”

Double Fine has made a name for itself on Xbox Live Arcade through popular titles Costume Quest, Stacking, Iron Brigade and, most recently, Happy Action Theater, but in the midst of crowd-sourcing nearly $2 million dollars, Double Fine man Tim Schafer has opined over Microsoft’s burgeoning (or is it?) digital platform.

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cain1412347d ago

I still think it's a fantastic platform.

wordupagain2347d ago

It is and it isn't, it could use less limitations and an actual space for indies. Maybe They'll learn with their next console.

Kramerica132347d ago

I can't say his statements really surprise me. Developers and gamers have been voicing similar opinions for quite some time.

That $40k/per patch is actually a bit of an eye-opener, though. While that's chump change to somebody like EA, Activision or Ubisoft, it represents a small fortune for the little guys out there.

Yi-Long2347d ago

.. puts their own greed above the interest of the gamer, IMHO.

It should never be THAT expensive for a developer to patch their own game in order to give their customers the best experience possible!

Neckbear2347d ago

You know not only Microsoft's in the patch thing, right? Sony's doing the same thing, too.

Yi-Long2347d ago

... and I've commented on Sony's greed often as well (especially SCEE), but considering this article is about XBLA, and Microsoft's price for patching a game, I just mentioned them.

Obviously, the greed this generation has been universal across the business. Sadly.

Mark14122347d ago

The $40K thing shocked me as well, that's a huge sum of money for an independent developer. Would like to know more about that particular point of the interview.

ndepetris2347d ago

I would really just like to see them integrate Steam into the next Xbox. Doubtful, but they've really done it right.

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