OXCGN's Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Blowout: Breakdown, Impressions and More!


"Mass Effect 3 is just under a month away, and to say that the gaming world is anticipating it would be quite the understatement.

Tomorrow, February 14th, is the day that the floodgates will open to the world and everyone can get their hands on the combined single and multi-player demo of the game.

OXCGN got in early, and has the exclusive scoop on the new multiplayer mode, a series first.

Do you have what it takes to fight for survival with your space marine comrades?"

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Proeliator2229d ago

Wow, this coop seems like it may actually be good.

SageHonor2228d ago

its fun as hell. With competent teammates you'll get addicted really fast

LAWSON722228d ago

I agree it is awesome I highly recommend the vanguard w/ a shotgun it is amazing

gaminoz2229d ago

I don't understand why people would have been doubting that co-op could work here. It seemed pretty obvious to me that it would work in Mass Effect.

I'm glad it has proven so...

BadCircuit2229d ago

I can't wait for this game! So looking forward to it.

Eske2229d ago

I'm cautiously optimisticfor it. I don't think it would have worked with ME 2's combat, which often felt kind of clunky. But I hear that things have been smoothed out a bit and sped up. If so, then it could be a lot of fun. I'd like for them to flesh it out with a lot of RPG elements and story tie-ins, too.

WitWolfy2229d ago

Wouldve been swell if one could join a friend in campaign. Now that will turn some heads, but having a horde like multiplayer and tons of other awesome modes will do just fine for now :)

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