Mass Effect 3 Is Complete

You heard it, Mass Effect 3 is officially complete.

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deep_fried_bum_cake2226d ago

That's good, I really liked the demo. I was a bit annoyed with the camera though as I wanted it back a little as it made moving around awkward, I don't remember that problem with ME2.

matt19912226d ago

yea i agree but im sure once you play it you will get used to it.

there might be a option for moving the camera back.

deep_fried_bum_cake2226d ago

There wasn't in the demo so I'm sceptical. As you say though, I'll get used to it.

Captain Qwark 92226d ago

i had the same complaint, its just a little too close and the cover system could use a little work, he always seem to have trouble snapping to the right surface. however beyond that i thought it was spectacular. the gameplay seemed improved in all the right ways and judging from the options in the demo, its much more rpg-ish than me2. cannot wait!

IM_KINECTED2226d ago

The demo played great! Really looking forward to seeing the finished product. My uneasiness about the game being rushed is a little bit less now. Hopefully Bioware put a ton of true RPG elements in the game.