New Dead or Alive 5 shots feature Ryu’s lose screen and Hayate’s 2P costume

Several new off-screen screenshots have been revealed by Tecmo Koei Games for their upcoming Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 fighting game, Dead or Alive 5.

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Reaper99372345d ago

The size of Hitomi's breasts tells of good things to come...

Megaman_nerd2345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

this and Virtua Fighter are the best 3D fighting games but you can bet that DoA 5 online will be laggy as hell. And Tekken sucks.

Tokyo_reject2345d ago

just cause you suck at Tekken....doesnt mean Tekken sucks noob

tarbis2345d ago

"And I suck at Tekken"
There, fixed it for you.

VsAssassin2345d ago

It's good that breasts size in this game has been toned down significantly. At least now we know that Tomonobu Itagaki's departure from Team Ninja will bring is better representation of women in Dead or Alive series. I might actually pick this game up.