PS Vita Facebook And Other Apps Available Day One

TheParanoidGamer: Sony has announced some of the few apps that will be available day one of the North America release.

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shikamaroooo1803d ago ... And Omg 9 more days !!!!

tarbis1803d ago

you'll have to blame Adobe for that.

JohnnyMann4201803d ago

Don't go to this site. Trojan blocked. Report this story now guys!

Thatguy-3101803d ago

it would have been cool if it had access to the android market :/ hopefully they bring useful apps to the vita. They need to have a lot of apps in order for it to stay relevant and have a lasting appeal just like tablets,phones,etc.

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xyxzor1803d ago

I'm sure those are in the works.

danny8181803d ago

hmmm tried to open the webpage and my virus blocker said trojan horse was blocked -,-

idiealot1803d ago

mine did as well.. lol never going to that website again

xyxzor1803d ago

What virus software were you using? We recently got attacked and I was sure the issue was resolved. Providing any information can make sure this issue can get fixed.


JohnnyMann4201803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

Avast. You need to take this story down. It isn't just a warning it was an actual trojan it blocked. You have a Redirect that DLs a Zipped trojan.

Please stop traffic to your site and fix it. It's not fair to put your damn site up at N4G and infect people with your BS while you "work things out" Be responsible.

xyxzor1803d ago

Avast is the only software giving off this warning. I've literally ran 100 different scans.

danny8181803d ago

what virus blocker? one that blocked a fucking trojan -,- and yeah its avast.

LeBronista1803d ago

I got a Trojan object waning also.. Kaspersky user here

nevin11803d ago

Norton Blocked Attack